Oracle Basic™
A limited edition of The Oracle League™
Improve Your Fundraising Results Now
Oracle Basic and The Oracle League are:
  • Easier to Understand: Developed for professionals and volunteers alike
  • More Useful: Guides you directly to achieving lasting, sustained success
  • More Fun: Delivered in a digital platform accessible anywhere, anytime.  Phone. Laptop. Desktop.
“Better than anything we’ve tried. Amazing results”
 - David, Healthcare
A game changer. Priceless.”  
 - Julie, Environment
“Super easy to use. Love the live peer learning”
 - Gretchen, Community
“My board is fundraising!”
 - Shelli, Youth
Where do you want to be 12 months from now?
Oracle Basic and The Oracle League will get you there.
You'll enjoy the trip.
Who's really DRIVING the fundraising enterprise.
How to powerfully COMMUNICATE in a way
that moves donors.
What LEADERSHIP really is
and how to grow it.
Where you START -
what you do first.
Who will SUPPORT you
and who won't
The differences between
donors and how to use those
differences EFFECTIVELY.
How to GROW your base
of support - and keep it.
How to keep ON COURSE
and not get sidetracked.
If you internalize the principles and concepts and apply them faithfully and consistently, we guarantee you WILL achieve the fundraising success you desire.
Oracle Basic Gives You:
  • First video lesson, exercises and worksheets for EACH of The Eight Principles
  • A selection of cutting-edge podcasts with top-notch practitioners
  • A guide to getting the most from Oracle Basic and The Oracle League
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